Who we are

A Association of Commerce and Services of the Algarve Region - ACRAL, established as a result of the merger of the Association of Retail Merchants of Faro and São Brás de Alportel, Association of Merchants of the Municipalities of Tavira, Vila Real de Santo António, Castro Marim and Alcoutim, Association of Merchants of the Municipality of Loulé, as well as Accession of a group of merchants of the Municipality of Olhão that for that purpose mandated a representative Commission. It was founded in a Constituent Assembly, meeting in the city of Faro on July 21, 1979, with the initial denomination of the Merchants Association of the District of Faro - ACODIF.


ACRAL came about as a result of the dialogue and cooperation of various municipal and multi-county associations, which felt the need to concentrate efforts to create a stronger, more comprehensive and representative and consequently, technically and financially better associative structure.

In the first year of its existence ACRAL obtained the adhesion of about 700 new associates, a fact that demonstrates the receptivity found among merchants.

ACRAL represents regional trade and defends the legitimate rights of members, in all matters respecting them, both with national and foreign entities, as well as with trade unions. To this end, it makes every effort to take preventive action in defense of the interests of commerce and services, its dignification and recognition of its economic and social indispensability, both with the State and with the consumer.

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