ACT reinforces summer inspection actions
The ACT will make a greater effort to oversee the legal norms to which it is responsible.

As in previous years, during the summer period, ACT will make a greater effort to monitor the legal norms that it is responsible for ensuring, particularly in the catering, commercial and hospitality sectors, with a particular focus on combating irregular situations In the seat of:

    Unreported Work
    Payment of legal and / or contractual remuneration
    Work Accident Insurance
    Organization of Working Times
    Organization of Occupational Safety and Health Services
    Professional Risk Assessment

In this sense, we should alert our members to the need to comply with the law, and it should be noted that all workers must be informed about social security and that they must have the following documents in the establishment:

    Records of working time of workers;
    Properly Posted Work and Holiday Time Maps;
    Latest professional risk assessment report;