Region of Algarve


In this sense, companies [on average 10 per municipality] will be selected to join the "WE SHOP ALGARVE" Platform, to promote their products / services and online sales, targeting final consumers and companies, in an aggregated strategy by activity sector , Whose "mix" will be defined in a broad process of participation of companies and associative structures, directed to each of the selected markets of Europe and, particularly, outside Europe.
The "WE SHOP ALGARVE" Platform includes: Institutional Portal, Marketplace [B2B and B2C].

INSTITUTIONAL PORTAL: Graphic structure; Marketplace Information; Contacts; News; Languages; Newsletter; Blog; Social Network Integration; Site Statistics.

MARKETPLACE [B2C]: Shopping cart; Payment method; Conveyors; Catalog; Promotions; Orders; Products; Customers area; Display products; Analyzes; Highlights; Filters / surveys; Coins; Coupons; Product Review / Comment.

The "WE SHOP ALGARVE" Platform embodies a B2B and B2C business model, applied according to the interest of each of the companies adhering to the project, its internationalization and business strategy.