Degradation of the health service
ACRAL warns of degradation of the public health service in the Algarve

The National Health Service in the Algarve is not improving, it is getting worse. The lack of human resources in the sector is becoming chronic, so it is time to ask why the region can not attract more health professionals, argues ACRAL.

"The Algarve Hospital Center has no directors of clinical departments, after the dismissal of the previous ones; Increased labor conflicts and there are serious flaws in the emergency services of the Faro and Portimão units, "recalls the association's president.

According to Alvaro Viegas, all the indicators worsened: waiting time in the emergency room and for consultations, surgeries performed and first consultations.

"All this is public and none of this contributes to attracting clinicians to the region, on the contrary, it even justifies the departure of many doctors to the private sector or to other areas of the country."

"Despite the various incentives - financial and other - created to bring doctors to the Algarve, when vacancies are open for the health units of the region, the contests are deserted," says Alvaro Viegas.

The reasons, adds the president of ACRAL, "are those already exposed, which result in the lack of working conditions of health professionals, with overcrowded units and insufficient human resources."

"For the majority of reasons," Álvaro Viegas concludes, "the construction of the Central Hospital of the Algarve is urgently needed, even as a way of calling more and better health professionals to the region."