Algarve Store & Business Online

Taking into account the National and European framework, ACRAL, assimilated the "challenging" guidelines established there, and developed a strategy for approaching international markets based on the Digital Economy, a B2B and B2C business model, with all the advantages that Will result in the exports of the companies from the 16 Municipalities of the Algarve Region and to the strategy of consolidation of the National Economy.


In this sense, companies will be selected on average 10 per municipality to join the Platform “WE SHOP ALGARVE”, to promote their products / services and online sales, aimed at final consumers and companies, in an aggregated strategy by sector of activity, whose "mix" will be defined in a broad process of participation of companies and associative structures, directed to each of the markets Selected from Europe and, particularly, outside Europe.
The Plataform “WE SHOP ALGARVE” Includes: Institutional Portal, Marketplace B2B and B2C, Integration ERP (Note: ERP not included);

INSTITUTIONAL PORTAL: Graphic structure; Marketplace Information; Contacts; News; Languages; Newsletter; Blog; Social Network Integration; Site Statistics.

MARKETPLACE B2C: Shopping cart; Payment method; Conveyors; Catalog; Promotions; Orders; Products; Customers area; Display products; Data mining; Analyzes; Highlights; Filters / surveys; Coins; Coupons; Product Review / Comment; Up-selling / Down-selling; Products with packs; Picking list system.

The Plataform “WE SHOP ALGARVE” embodies a B2B and B2C business model, applied in accordance with the interest of each of the companies adhering to the project, its internationalization and business strategy.